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ByTimo Ullmann

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Playfully self-referencing the very medium that represents the work, «Screenplay» is a video piece depicting a screen within a screen, within a screen. Each minute a new layer of playback is added, creating a recursive stage for the play, and forming a feedback loop reminiscent of the work of early video artists. Interacting with the feedback setup, the artist takes us on a whimsical journey into the spatial possibilities of the screen’s virtuality. Subtly theatrical, body parts manipulate and interact with the screens like puppets with a stage, in time to the ever denser rhythm of the sound composition, which is constructed from abstracted yet familiar computer sounds.Toying with the viewers’ expectations, the piece forces the medium of video into a realm of physicality, a medium which we often perceive as purely virtual, tangibly reminding us that the screen holds a deeper weight.

About the artist

Swiss artist Timo Ullmann (b. 1987) creates interfaces and interferences between virtual and physical spaces. For Elementum he is developing a series of «Screen Pieces». The sequels address the platform as a dynamic, virtual and experimental space for a growing exposition. Playing with basic features, habitual practices and common metaphors of the medium, he’s investigating the screen as a display and interface. 

Timo Ullmann studied Fine Art in Lucerne and at the UCM in Madrid. In 2015, he completed his master’s degree in Art in Public Spheres in Lucerne. He has exhibited and performed internationally at various independent art spaces and Swiss art museums in Aarau, Chur, Lucerne, Biel, Interlaken and at festivals such as Jungkunst, Shift, science+fiction or One Of A Million Festival.

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Timo Ullmann


11 of 12 Editions Available

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