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ByTimo Ullmann

Like a virtual aquarium, «Screencleaner» depicts fish cleaning the polluted screen surface. The bristlenose catfish swim leisurely over the desktop, pausing to eat the dirt. In addition to the usual menu bar, the thumbnails of the previous works of Timo Ullmann's «The Screen Series» can be seen in the background. In the course of the 12-minute video, the screen surface is completely cleaned. Afterwards, the cursor, which has been dormant until then, opens the video «Screencleaner» with a double-click, thus restarting the video loop. In the piece, the monitor becomes a digital fish tank, reminiscent of hotel and restaurant decorations, or video artworks of the seventies, such as Nam June Paik's «TV Fish» or Peter Weibel's «TV Aquarium». Suggesting that these fish clean the screen for our viewing pleasure, the work raises questions surrounding the relationship between technology, culture and the natural environment.

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Swiss artist Timo Ullmann (b. 1987) creates interfaces and interferences between virtual and physical spaces. For Elementum he is developing «The Screen Series». The sequels address the platform as a dynamic, virtual and experimental space for a growing exposition. Playing with basic features, habitual practices and common metaphors of the medium, he’s investigating the computer screen as a display and interface.  Timo Ullmann studied Fine Art in Lucerne and at the UCM in Madrid. In 2015, he completed his master’s degree in Art in Public Spheres in Lucerne. He has exhibited and performed internationally at various independent art spaces and Swiss art museums in Aarau, Chur, Lucerne, Biel, Interlaken and at festivals such as Jungkunst, Shift, science+fiction or One Of A Million Festival.

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Timo Ullmann


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