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Published: 2019
Number of Artist Proofs: 3
Resolution: 1920 × 1080 px
File Format: mp4
File Size: 972.7 MB
Duration: 12 min 0 sec

In the second video of his series, Timo Ullmann presents posters of picturesque landscapes from a variety of regions around the globe, which carry a wide range of emotional associations. He changes the slides manually every minute, with the hands simulating the effects normally employed by screensavers and digital slideshows. The sublime landscapes remind of desktop backgrounds and create references to romantic paintings. The 12-minute video loop begins with a paradisiacal beach scene, followed by a sunny desert, misty woods illuminated by a concealed sun, wild mountains backed by the Northern Lights, an ice cave, the stormy sea and a thunderstorm. Photos and copyrights: 1. Hans-Peter Huber / 2. Thonig / 3. Paolo Fanti / 4. Tom Mackie / 5. Paul Williams / 6. Mads Peter Iversen / 7. GB eye / 8. Ralph Clevenger / 9. Philip Plisson, Pêcheur d’Images / 10. Jean Guichard / 11. Tony Stone Images / 12. Chanwit Whanset

Timo Ullmann

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Swiss artist Timo Ullmann (b. 1987) creates interfaces and interferences between virtual and physical spaces. For Elementum he is developing «The Screen Series». The sequels address the platform as a dynamic, virtual and experimental space for a growing exposition. Playing with basic features, ha...

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Timo Ullmann


Editions 12 of 12


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