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Brain Damaged

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Published: 2019
Number of Artist Proofs: 3
Resolution: 1920 × 1080 px
File Format: mp4
File Size: 383.2 MB
Duration: 1 min 39 sec

The perpetuating creative dialectic of Domenico Barra results in a constant research for innovative artistic results in matters of subjects and the ways that they can be depicted. Inspired by cult films like Brain Damage and Liquid Sky, the artist sculpted this work after his vision of a cyberpunk brain scan.

Domenico Barra

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Domenico Barra (b. 1982) is an Italian artist, educator and visual content creator working in the field of digital art and dirty new media. His works have been published on various sites and magazines such as The Creators Project, Motherboard, Bullet Magazine, Hyperallergic, Monopol, Observer and...

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Domenico Barra



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