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The Charge (After Boccioni)

The Charge (After Boccioni)

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Published: 2018
Number of Artist Proofs: 1
Resolution: 3688 × 2384 px
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"The Charge of the Lancers" is a collage work by Italian artist Boccioni from 1915. The horse, in this artwork the blue figure in the upper left side of the image, represents the strength of nature. In previous works by Boccioni it represented the strength of work, in "The Charge" it can be read as the strength of the natural force in a war between nature and the machine. The strength of the horse overcomes the bayonets held by soldiers at war. The natural power triumphs over the mechanical power. In this glitch art artwork, the machinic power is represented by the digital glitch that almost wipes off the original work by Boccioni with its colorful and luminous pixels. The glitch evokes the futurist principles, the triumph of the power of machines over nature, the present state of human life that totally depends on technology and its production.

Domenico Barra

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Domenico Barra (b. 1982) is an Italian artist working with new digital media living and working in Napoli, Italy. His works have been published on various sites and magazines including The Creators Project, Motherboard, Hyperallergic, Monopol, Observer, Artribune, Exibart and Digicult. He took p...

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Domenico Barra

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