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A glitch is an unexpected event, it creates a moment of uncertainty, a shift from the ordinary. This unique video is an exclusive artwork made for Cofra Group. It was created during the three months of quarantine, the global lock-down due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, a matter that has affected the lives of many. A circumstance that requires extra efforts from all us. A transition, like a glitch in the system, a change that is a call to action. An opportunity for new meanings, new values, new solutions, in one word, innovation. In our creative practice we do not fear the unexpected, we embrace it, we make it our strength, we challenge the instability, we enable new possibilities. And it is in critical times that more than ever we need creativity, revealing beauty, staying strong, in this historical, conceptual and emotional frame this video was made.

About the artist

Domenico Barra (b. 1982) is an Italian artist working with new digital media living and working in Napoli, Italy. His works have been published on various sites and magazines including The Creators Project, Motherboard, Hyperallergic, Monopol, Observer, Artribune, Exibart and Digicult. He took part in numerous curatorial projects and the works exhibited at the DAM Gallery in Berlin, at the Media Center in New York, at the Digital Art Center in Taipei, online at World Intellectual Property Organization [WIPO], at the Central Academy of Fine Arts [CAFA] in Beijing, at the MediaLAB of the University of Brasilia, at the Wrong Biennale. In 2016 was a visiting artist at the School of Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). He is listed in the second volume of "Quaderni della Farnesina", an insitutional publication by the Italian Minister of Foreing Affairs. Barra is the creator of the online art network White Page Gallery/s. He teaches glitch art at the Rome University of Fine Arts [RUFA].

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